Bohumil Hrabal used to go to U Zlatého tygra with regularity, in any weather and in any mood. He took in turns his visits in the pub only to his trips to the cottage in Kersko. It is true that Hrabal changed his love pubs for the various reasons ( he went to U Kocoura, U Sojků, U Plzeňského dvora, Na Formance, Brčálka in Široká street and in Liben ), but the Old Town U Zlatého tygra will have always remained his favourite beer pub forever. Not surprisingly, just the beer hall U Zlatého tygra also appeared frequently in his works, especially when describing pub stories.

Hrabal, who was a firework of ideas and witty solutions , and who lived the glory and downfall of the cultural boom of the sixties, was sorrounded by the best representatives of the intellectual and art world. This place was the intersection of the visits and visitors from all the Word. Everyone wanted to speak to Hrabal and look into the places where the plots of his novels are set. There used to come such the people as philosopher Karel Kosik , historians Bartošek, Kladivo and Hubl, linguist Sláva Heřman, musician Karel Marysko, professor Ruis , the friends from Liben period Šmoranc, Vávra, Boušl , a group of artists around Vladimír Boudník, Ivo Tretera etc.

Sometimes Václav Havel visited the beer hall with his wife Olga and some other members of the dissent. At the table songwriter Vlasta Třešňák was arrested by the State Security. Despite the Hrabal´s protests Třešňák was arrested and imprisoned. Here appeared such the people as singer Jan Vodňanský , director Jiří Menzel and Jan Kačer, actors Krampol , Němec, Švehlík , Kaiser etc. U Zlatého tygra Hrabal also met such the prominent people as presidents Clinton and Havel, M. Albright , General Shallikashvilli, Alexander Dubcek etc. Hrabal handed out his " samizdat literature ", i.e. his works whose expansion were not allowed , but which he had them copied to his closest friends and which later were found by all his other admirers of the literary works. All these factors led to the fact that the beer hall U Zlatého tygra has become a " memorial hall " of the dramatic moments of the Czech culture for the last decades.